This Authority maintains the public sewer and water service in Williamstown (Monroe Township), Gloucester County, New Jersey.  The Authority Business office is located at 372 South Main Street, Williamstown, NJ.  We are open 8AM-4PM Monday through Friday.  For Billing, call 856-629-1444; for Service, call 856-226-3628.  If you are in need of EMERGENCY SERVICE AFTER BUSINESS HOURS OR ON WEEKENDS OR HOLIDAYS, PLEASE CALL 856-629-1444.

We have a 24-hour emergency service that will contact our employee on emergency duty.  Our facilities, including our water supply, wells, tanks and lift stations have always been properly secured.  In the event you see someone or something suspicious at any of our sites, please contact the Authority Business Office at 856-629-1444 or Monroe Township Police Department 856-728-0800.

General Information:

The Authority was created by virtue of an ordinance of the Township of Monroe, Gloucester County, New Jersey, adopted September 26, 1957 pursuant to Chapter 138 of the Laws of New Jersey of 1946 and was reorganized as a municipal utilities authority, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 183 of the Laws of New Jersey of 1957, on May 8, 1959, by Ordinance of the Township of Monroe.

The total number of accounts are 13,994 Water Customers, 14,209 Sewer Customers and the population served is 36,100.  The Authority has 8 wells in Cohansey strata with pumping capacity of 4MGD; 2 ASR Wells and 28 pumping stations; and a total of 31 employees.  We also have a Sewage collection system with sewage being pumped to the Gloucester County Utilities Authority.

All Authority Personnel have official picture identification badges reflecting their name and the telephone number of our facility.  Please call us if someone attempts to represent our agency and does not present the proper credential.

There are no tax monies supporting the Authority.  Its debt service and operational expenses must be paid by the revenue from customer service fees.

The Authority is governed by a five-member Board.  On an annual basis the Township Council appoints or reappoints a member to serve a five-year term.

Our Operations and Administrative Staff take pride in maintaining a safe and healthy water system and sewerage collection system.  If you should have a water or sewer problem, please contact us immediately.  Every effort will be made to remedy your problem as quickly as possible.

If you have any suggestions, you may email them to our attention at info@monroemuanj.com or put them in writing and forward to the MMUA, 372 South Main Street, Williamstown, NJ 08094.


The Monroe Municipal Utilities Authority will provide the best water and sewer service possible within the resources available.  This involves furnishing high quality products and services coupled with an overall emphasis on positive customer relations.