History of the Monroe MUA

The Authority was created by virtue of an ordinance of the Township of Monroe, Gloucester County, New Jersey, adopted September 26, 1957 pursuant to Chapter 138 of the Laws of New Jersey of 1946 and was reorganized as a municipal utilities authority, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 183 of the Laws of New Jersey of 1957, on May 8, 1959, by Ordinance of the Township of Monroe.

The total number of accounts is 13,686 Water Customers, 13,908 Sewer Customers and the population served is 36,100. The Authority has eight wells in Cohansey strata with pumping capacity of 4 MGD; 2 ASR Wells and 27 pumping stations; total 36 employees. Sewage collection system with sewage being pumped to the Gloucester County Utilities Authority.