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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When the water is due to be turned off for delinquent purposes; why can’t the Authority contact the homeowner and advise them that their water is going to be turned off?

Answer: The Authority bills over 16,000 water and sewer customers on a monthly basis, out of the 16,000, approximately 400 water and/or sewer accounts are delinquent and placed on our shut off list. As you can see, it would be impossible for the billing clerk to contact each of the delinquent accounts individually to inform them that their service is going to be turned off.

Question: Does the Authority offer a Senior Citizen Rate Schedule?

Answer: The Authority does offer a rate schedule for the base water and sewer rate and excess water rate to a residential single family homeowner, who utilizes the unit as the dwelling house of the system and meets the status criteria for the pharmaceutical assistance program/Senior Gold Program and who possesses a valid identification card under the PAAD program (Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged & Disabled)/ Senior Gold program.  For more information about the PAAD/Senior Gold Program, click here.

Question: Does the Authority offer a Veteran’s Rate Schedule?

Answer: The Authority does offer a Veteran’s Rate Schedule for the base water and sewer rate to a residential single family homeowner, who utilizes the unit as the dwelling house of the system and meets the qualifying criteria listed below:

  • The Veteran would need to produce his/her Statement of Service signed by a Commanding Officer, copy of Honorable Discharge, separation Form 53-55 or DD214.
  • The surviving spouse would be eligible for the discount until he or she remarries.
  • Any Veteran who currently has enrolled in our PAAD program is ineligible for the Veteran reduction.
  • The reduction on the base water and sewer rate only applies to one residential property.

If you are eligible to participate in this program and have not yet applied, click here to get a printable application form. Bring the completed application to the Authority Business Office, located at 372 South Main Street, Williamstown, NJ, together with your Statement of Service signed by a Commanding Officer, DD Form 214, WD Form 53 or Death Certificate. The clerk will be more than glad to accept your application and answer any questions you may have regarding this program.

Question: Is there fluoride in our water?

Answer: No, there is no flouride in the water.

Question: Why is my water rusty or cloudy?

Answer: This usually happens when the Authority is flushing out a fire hydrant in your area. To eliminate the rusty water, open simultaneously all faucets in your home and let the water run approximately 15 to 30 minutes. If you follow this procedure and you are still having rusty water please contact the business office @ (856)629-7586.

Question: I’ve used 40,000 gallons this month and I normally average about 6,000 per month why is my bill so much higher?

Answer: One of your faucets could be leaking. To check for a leak, first locate your water meter and prior to retiring that evening take a reading and without using any water during the night take the reading again first thing in the morning. If the reading is higher then the one you took the prior evening, then you should contact a plumber because the higher reading indicates that you have a leak.

Question: When are the bills mailed out and when are they due?

Answer: The bills are mailed out the 1st Friday of each month and are due by the 25th of the month. Interest of 1 1/2% will be assessed on the 30th of each month.

Question: I’m moving and would like the bill out of my name what do I have to do?

Answer: Normally, the Title Company will contact the Authority and advise them of the date that you are going to make settlement. The Authority will then issue a work order instructing our Operations Department to obtain a final meter reading. At settlement, the Title Company will contact the Authority once again. At that time we will obtain the new owner’s name and all monies will be collected at that time. However, there have been cases where the Title Company never contacted the Authority Business Office. Therefore, we suggest that the day prior to your settlement you contact the Business Office to make certain that your Title Company obtained the necessary information for closing.

Question: I am the tenant and would like to know if you can forward the monthly water and sewer bill directly to me?

Answer: The Authority’s Rules & Regulates stipulate that the owner of the property is responsible for the water and sewer bill. Therefore, all monthly bills are sent directly to the homeowner. However, the Authority has the capability of generating monthly bills to the homeowner and a copy to the tenant.  If you are a tenant and wish to receive a monthly bill, contact the Authority Business Office at (856) 629-1444.

Question: If I am unable to pay my bill in full can a Payment Arrangement be made?

Answer: Upon receipt of your monthly water and sewer bill and/or shut off notice if payment cannot be remitted by the due date, upon the owner’s request the Authority can issue a “Payment Arrangement.” Please Note: A Payment Arrangement Agreement may be considered to Qualified Property Owners. If approved a 25% deposit is required upon the date of Agreement.

If you wish to arrange a payment schedule you can do so by:

  1. Contacting the Collections Supervisor at 856-226-3628. At that time, a payment schedule will be established.

Question: Where can I pay my monthly water and sewer bill?

Answer: All monthly water and sewer bills can be paid at the following locations:

MMUA Business Office
372 South Main Street
Williamstown, NJ, 08094
MMUA Operations Office
1452 Glassboro Road
Williamstown, NJ, 08094
Newfield National Bank
320 South Main Street
Williamstown, NJ, 08094

Question: Who should I contact in the event I have a question related to water quality in our Community other then that pertaining to the Monroe Municipal Utilities Authority?

Answer: You can contact the Monroe Township Board of Health @ (856) 728-9800 extension 213 or you can contact the Gloucester County Board of Health @ (856) 262-4220.